2001 - Concession of the 1 * Michelin
2003 - Concession of the 2* Michelin
2007 - Óscar Velasco, National Award of Gastronomy to the best chef
2008 - Abel Valverde, National Gastronomy Award to the best Sala Director
2014 - David Robledo, National Award of Gastronomy to the best sommelier
2016 - Óscar Velasco, 2015 Excellence Chef Award at the Excelencias Awards

2016 - Best of Award of Excellence 2016 awarded by Wine Spectator magazine as one of the restaurants with one of the best wine lists in the world
2016 - Sala a Abel Valverde Award at the 1st Edition of the Gastronomy Awards
2016 - David Robledo Award for Best Sommelier by Club de Gourmets magazine
2017 - Head of the Hall of Excellence for Abel Valverde at the Excelencias Awards
2017 - Extraordinary Recognition to David Robledo for his work in the 23 Land of Flavor Sommeliers Championship 2017 within the framework of the Gourmets Hall