After 15 years in 2016, the restaurant Santceloni, located in the hotel Hesperia Madrid, carries out a strategy of change of global approach in the experience that connects more than ever its three pillars: kitchen, sitting room and wine cellar. Or what is the same, Óscar Velasco, Abel Valverde and David Robledo.

An experience that is unique for each diner. Without established scripts and in which the customer is the one who sets the guidelines.

Greater interaction with the diner, seeking to move to the place where everything arises, to the origin of Óscar Velasco's cuisine, an experience without script, different spaces, greater weight in sitting room and approach of the winery.


A careful selection of the product marks the trend of our menu. Live unforgettable moments of the hand of our Santceloni team. Our careful gastronomy respecting the traditional recipes will transport you to different countries in an unprecedented culinary journey.


Reserve with us this magnificent experience that combines our workshop, where our first ideas are cooked. You can share your opinions and impressions with our kitchen team face to face, and taste different tapas from outside our menu. Experience new cooking concepts with us, try dishes never seen before and then continue your experience with us.


After a great lunch / dinner a good table talk is always welcomed. We can not think of a better option than accompanying your moments with our outdoor space where you can choose a variety of different cigars as well as alcoholic drinks made especially for us and for you.