• Fried rice

    Iberian pork dewlap and caviar

  • Partridge

    And pumpkin a la Royale

  • Marinated mackerel

    Caviar, apple jelly and cauliflower

  • Ox rib salad

    Spiced sweet potato, red thistle and black truffle

  • Red prawn

    Flambéed in whisky, tender onions and prawn heads consomée

  • Sautéed squids and spinach

    Red butter, peanuts and lemon

  • Artichokes

    Cod, green pil-pil and olives

  • John Dory

    Red wine, beet, black pepper and cocoa

  • Deer loin

    Jerusalem artichoke purée and egg yolk cooked at 63°C

  • Cheese selection

    From our table

  • Cheese cream

    Rhubarb slush and candied cracklings

  • Daikon radish

    Corn, liquorice and passion fruit

  • Coffee cream

    With baked chocolate mousse


  • 185 €

    Menu is only available for the whole table . Bread and butter service is included
    WINE PAIRING 125 €
    We serve only one kind of pairing in the same table
    Price per person, VAT included / Apéritifs and digestifs are not included

    Table of cheeses: 41 € Olive oil and bread: 8 € Water service: 4 € Desserts: 24 €