Seasonality and Balance

Two core ideas:

In the kitchen of the chef Óscar Velasco the product is the most important, starting from the respect to achieve a flavor and intelligent balance and applying techniques of innovation and creativity.

Considered by many experts as one of the best restaurants in Spain, it offers a contemporary cuisine that revolves around two central concepts: product and season and is characterized by the seasonality of its dishes. With each season, the kitchen of Santceloni is revolutionized and changed.


The studio is a new area that looks right through the kitchen. A place where you will live a portion of the whole Santceloni’s experience, where the seasonal product is prepared for the kitchen of the restaurant.

In The Studio, the objective of Santceloni’s team is that the diner understands the cuisine of the restaurant, lives first-hand the kitchen work and feels, smell and sees the products with which they work. Move to the place where everything originates, to the origin of Óscar Velasco’s kitchen.

It has capacity for 10 people, wooden ceiling and an area dedicated to the kitchen garden of Santceloni where they are exposed herbs and vegetables. In addition to a display of spices, a walk-in freezer where the seasonal product is shown and a display case dedicated to cheeses. It is completed with a domestic kitchen where to work.

In short, the essence of Santceloni in the view of the diner, without filters, without hiding anything.