• Red prawn soup

    Leeks, coconut and saffron

  • Fried rice

    Caviar, lemon caramel and Iberian pork dewlap

  • White gazpacho

    Quail eggs, tapenade and tender almonds

  • Marinated mackerel

    Yogurt bread, cauliflower and Shiso leaves

  • Sautéed squids and spinach

    Red butter, peanuts and lemon

  • Grilled crayfish

    In lettuce leaves and Oriental aroma

  • Duck lasagna

    Pistachio nuts, cardamom and Idiazabal cheese whey

  • Sole

    Smashed sweet potatoes and its fish bone juice

  • Lacquered white pork rib

    Barbecue sauce and tender onions

  • Cheese selection

    From our table

  • Strawberries

    Basil cream, coconut and saffron

  • Daikon radish

    Corn, liquorice and passion fruit

  • Guanaja chocolate 70%

    Parmesan cheese, quinoa and toffee


  • 185 €

    Menu is only available for the whole table . Bread and butter service is included
    WINE PAIRING 115 €
    We serve only one kind of pairing in the same table
    Price per person, VAT included / Apéritifs and digestifs are not included

    Table of cheeses: 41 € Olive oil and bread: 8 € Water service: 4 € Desserts: 24 €